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Milwaukee Concrete Pumping Services is dedicated to empowering small contractors, making concrete hauling easier and more efficient. We provide concrete line pumping services that will save you time, expand your job capabilities, and ultimately grow your business.

Southeastern Wisconsin

From Lakeshore to City Center, Suburbs to County, We’ve Got Your Concrete Needs Covered! Serving Southeastern Wisconsin with Precision Line Pumping for Basements, Foundations, and Beyond.

Wherever Concrete Flows, We Pump

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Client Testimonials

“I used to bust my back hauling concrete with a wheelbarrow. Then I found MKE pumping. These guys are lifesavers! They get the job done fast, and I can take on more work. They're a game-changer for my small business.”
Mike from Mike's Masonry
“Before, I'd turn down jobs if there was a tough spot to reach. Now, I just call up the team at Milwaukee Concrete Pumping. They handle the tricky stuff and I get to say 'yes' to more clients. Couldn't run my business without 'em!”
Pete from Pete's Construction
"I've been in this business for years and hauling concrete was always a pain. Then, I started working with MKE Concrete Pumping Services. Not only do they handle the pumping, they also helped me plan my projects better. No more turning down jobs because of tough locations. These guys are the real deal!
Jim from Jim's Home Improvements